There is a growing movement to re-localize and reclaim stewardship of seed production; seed diversity is being lost as large corporations increasingly dominate the seed market. The practice of seed saving encourages greater self-sufficiency and community resilience, and enables us to adapt to a changing climate and localize our seeds for best results in our region. Hartland seed-saver Sylvia Davatz says it is empowering and addictive!


How do I check out seeds?
Stop by the library to sign out a packet of seeds for the growing season. We’ll provide a handout for each crop you select with growing and seed-saving instructions. We also encourage you to attend an educational workshop at the library!

Who do I contact if I have questions about saving seed?
Check out our instructions on this site for each crop, and our resources page with links to more in-depth seed-saving instructions. We’ll host educational workshops and check-ins throughout the season where you can ask questions. The University of Vermont Extension Service also offers a master gardener helpline for questions about home horticulture issues.

What is the deadline for returning seeds?
There is no hard and fast deadline, but we hope that you will return seeds you’ve saved to us by the end of October. We’ll host a seed threshing/harvesting workshop at the end of the season, and this is a great time to return some seeds to us.

How many seeds should I return to you?
Return approximately the number of seeds that you received from us – the rest of your harvest you can eat, or save some seeds for yourself.

I have some heirloom seeds I would like to donate to the seed library. How would I go about doing that?

Do I have to grow my crops organically?
We encourage organic practices, but it’s not required. We only request that you indicate whether you grew organically on the form you fill out when you return seeds, so that we can label them appropriately.

How do you define organic?




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